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The Irish Linen Guild authorises the production of a number of Point of Sale (POS) items for Guild members and their customers. These items include swing tags, sew in labels, adhesive labels and stand up store cards. These can be ordered from your Irish Linen supplier.

Like most high quality brands, from time to time we suffer from copyright infringement and fraudulent use of our trademark. Fake and wrongly labelled "Irish Linen" goods have been found all over the world and reported back to us. We don't take this lightly and will take legal action to protect our brand!
Remember to always look for the Irish Linen trademark. This mark is often colloquially referred to as the, 'carpet beater symbol' - if it doesn't have the Irish Linen trademark, it may not be genuine!

If in doubt, check it out by e-mailing us . Please state what leads you to doubt it may be genuine Irish linen. We can check if we have had any similar enquiries.

What Is Irish Linen
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1 June 2015
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