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Founded in 1928, the Irish Linen Guild is the official promotional organization of the Irish Linen industry.

The Guild does not buy or sell linen in its own right. The Guilds main role is to promote and protect the good name of Irish Linen in national and international markets through the Guild website, and to provide a networking opportunity for our members. Our promotional activities seek to emphasise the distinctive quality of Irish linen, and to raise awareness of the marketing and practical advantages its use can bring to our customers or their businesses.

The Irish Linen brand's trademark is the focus of all promotional activities. It can only be used to mark genuine Irish linen products such as linen yarn spun in Ireland and linen fabrics woven in Ireland by members of the Guild.

Products made from genuine Irish woven fabric, such as garments or table linens, can be labelled 'Irish linen' although sometimes the made up item may have been assembled elsewhere. The term Irish linen refers to the constituent fabric.

A list of the members company logos can be seen below, you can click on these to go to their website:

For linen fabrics by the metre for apparel, upholstery or curtains please contact: Baird McNutt, John England, or Emblem Weavers.

For household Irish linen fabrics and made-up linens, such as damask tablelinen, bed linen, tea towels, or ecclesiastical  linen please contact: Thomas Ferguson , Samuel Lamont.

For theatrical linen fabrics for theatre, television and film please contact John England Theatrical Linens.


"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

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15 December 2014
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17 November 2014
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2 October 2014
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